Pro-Choice and Maternal Health

Although Texas has some of the best hospital systems in America, we have one of the highest rates of maternal death in the country, with a maternal mortality ratio of 34.2 deaths per 100,000 births. In addition, the 87th Texas Legislature voted to criminalize safe and medically necessary abortions. We need to abolish draconian abortion laws and focus on maternal health. Reproductive rights are essential to a healthy democracy, and we must prioritize maternal care and parental leave.

Voting Access

Voting should be accessible to all Texans in order to ensure a free and representative democracy in our state.  Texas ranks nearly last in the country for voter turnout.  Expanded early voting, online voter and same-day registration, mail-in ballots, and accessible voting locations will allow all Texans to participate in this essential process.  Partisan poll watchers should not be allowed to intimidate voters. We need to make it easy for Texans to register to vote and make their voices and opinions heard at the ballot box.

Fix the Grid

Texas deserves a strong infrastructure.  Our state legislature must focus on overseeing a reliable system to prevent disaster and protect all Texans.  After severe storms in 2011, the Texas Legislature agreed to properly winterize our power system, but did not follow through with their promises.  This negligence lead to over 200 deaths during the February 2021 winter storms.  During the 87th legislature, and consequent emergency sessions in 2021, Texas Congress still did not make needed changes to keep Texans safe.  We need to winterize our grid, and take steps to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels.  Texans deserve better.

Educational Equity

Public schools are the foundation of a strong state.  All children deserve equal access to educational opportunities, and public schools need our support in order to compete on a national and global level.  Lately, education legislation has focused on ridiculous attacks on transgender children and bogus racial discrimination.  We must focus on providing a future-ready education for our students, not censorship and vile discriminatory policies.

School Funding

In Texas, our teachers and support staff are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure a strong future for our young Texans. Texas drastically underpays support staff, and struggles to retain educators across the spectrum. All school employees deserve a livable wage. We must invest in our school staff in order to invest in our students.  


Texas has the most uninsured residents of any state.  The COVID pandemic has amplified the discrepancies in healthcare, and we need to work to ensure that no Texan goes without necessary medical services.  All Texans deserve high quality healthcare, especially our children.  We must expand access to Medicaid, which is over 90% federally funded.  Texan lives depend on it.